Bird Art by Bird Artist Steven Lingham

Bird Paintings by Bird Artist Steven Lingham

Bird paintings and prints By Steven Lingham Steven Lingham Bird Art

Steven Lingham

Steven Lingham Bird Artist Steven Lingham is an award winning self-taught artist.
After a number of years working in the printing industry, and due to the escalating and ever demanding popularity of his paintings, Steven decided to make his life-long hobby into a full-time career in 2003, and since doing so his reputation and skills have gained tremendously.

Steven has a real passion for British birds, the subject matter for which he is most renowned. He has used a variety of painting media - acrylics, gouache and the occasional pencil drawing, but has finally settled upon oils, which allow him to attain vibrancy in colour and texture. Steven is renowned for the meticulous attention to detail in his paintings. His works can be found in many private collections worldwide, including in the UK, Europe, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand and North America.

In 2008 Steven was invited to become a patron of Raptor Rescue, a UK based charity which rehabilitates birds of prey, (which is one of Steven's favourite subjects to paint).

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