Bird Art by Bird Artist Lynn Gould

Bird Paintings by Bird Artist Lynn Gould

Bird paintings and prints By Lynn Gould Lynn Gould Bird Art

Lynn Gould

Lynn was Born in 1964 in Leigh-on-sea Essex, the family moving to Sussex in 1976 where I am still resident. From 1983 I studied at Wimbledon School of Art, graduating in 1986 with a BA (hons) degree in fine Art.

For ten years after graduating (1986-1996) I was a full-time freelance Artist and illustrator, painting numerous and varied commissions and drawing illustrations for two canine books. During this time I was also fortunate to be involved in several group exhibitions in Sussex and sold work both non-figurative, figurative and miniature landscapes.

My paintings have always had an emphasis on the exploration of colour and were, until some six years ago, the primary objective of my work through a non-figurative (constructivist) format. I was unsatisfied with the way this work was going as the intention behind the work was becoming lost, and made a decision to revert back to a figurative format.

At the age of 12 I produced my very first painting which was of a puffin on a cliff. I also remember sketching the sparrows in the garden which where my first attempt at drawing from life. It seems ironic that at a crossroads with my work I am drawn back to these creative roots. I have been a keen bird watcher for a number of years and has been the main focus of my photographic work. Through both the photographs and the paintings and pastels I try to explore not only the character of the bird but also a suggested narrative, a captured moment in time.

All Oil on Canvas Paintings are produced on a good quality cotton duck canvas and are hand stretched and primed by the artist

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