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Skip Berger Bird Artist I've been in love with & painting birds for over 65 years. When just a little guy, I became mesmerized with the beautiful birds at my parent's bird feeders. As I grew older, that passion only increased.
Here now, decades later, I've had the privilege of painting birds & even fish for clients from all over North America. Not withstanding this, I have rendered portraits of beautiful birds the world over, including Great Britain, Siberia & even Tierra del Fuego in southern Patagonia.
As you will see, my art work is really a departure from the conventional approach to bird painting. The birds I paint are often in a somewhat larger format & grouped together according to geographical region such as: Birds of Great Britain, Birds of the Rocky Mountains, Birds of Patagonia & Birds of Alaska. This gives my work an international appeal & has brought me great satisfaction over the years.
However, I also do renderings of from one to several birds in a painting, according to my client's wishes. For an example, please check out my portrait of the Kestrel or Sparrow Hawk with its minute feather detail. The point is, you tell me exactly what you want in your painting, & I will give it to you, no matter how unusual your request may be.
As for the medium used, it consists of several items, such as, acrylic paint, color pencils, & several other tools seldom used by other artists; for instance, airbrush & a technique called 'creative erasing'.
As for my professional background, I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore Maryland. Much of my life has been spent in the State of Maine, the realm of the the beautiful Evening & Pine Grosbeaks. This has helped me to perfect my rendering of rugged ice & snow scenes, which often gives my work a far-off & somewhat desolate appearance. At the same time, I have also spent several years in the Sunshine State of Florida, which has aided me in capturing the mood of the southern ambiance in some of my work.
I have always believed that truly effective art must 'make a statement', it must say something. There are many talented artists out there, but often, their work is just a pretty painting - it doesn't give direction, it doesn't really make a statement. This is what I have endeavored to do with my art. I try to say something with each piece that I do.
Having said this, If you are looking for something out of the ordinary in bird art, give me a shout. I know you'll be glad you did.

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